Weekly Blog

Week 10: Finishing Up

At this point, I have collected and saved almost all of the data I need to write the report. However, I also wanted to do the same bit level analysis I did of the 32 bit FPU to the 64 bit FPU. However, I estimate the time it will take to collect this data will … Continue reading Week 10: Finishing Up


Week 9: Data Collection

Over the weekend, I had the server run the experiment with three different test vectors: only addition, only multiplication, and a mixture of both. When I got back to the lab, they had all completed. Using the pyplot library, I could plot the results on a graph pretty easily. Below are the preliminary results: A … Continue reading Week 9: Data Collection

Week 2: Getting Started with Floating Point

This week, to better understand the floating point module, I was tasked with developing a way to test the module's functionality. However, before I accomplish this, I needed to have a thorough understanding of how floating point numbers are represented inside a computer. At this time, pretty much every piece of hardware follows the IEEE-754 … Continue reading Week 2: Getting Started with Floating Point