Week 6: More Debugging

Now that all of the code was migrated over to the remote server, I could now convert the verilog into a gate level representation of the hardware. To accomplish this, I modified some code by previous graduate students, to compile the verilog. Before compiling my modified design, I attempted to synthesize the gate level design of the original verilog code. However, I was greeted with multiple errors. One of the first issues that arose, was that division could not be implemented at all. Secondly, many of the hard coded values that were used in the process of denormalization crashed VCS. Once I fixed the errors in the original design, I had to do the same for my modified version. However, even after implementing the changes of the original, my modified design still did not work. VCS would not allow me to synthesize a design that had varying bit widths. To fix this, all I had to do was change the design from a parameterized version, to a `define macro based version. Once I completed that, I could synthesize a gate level design.


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