Week 5: Gate Level Synthesis

Since the 4th of July was on a Tuesday. I got Monday off. This gave me the opportunity to visit my family at home. When I got back to Northwestern, I began the second phase of the project. Now that we had a parameterized version of the FPU, we could now use a tool called Synopsys Design Compiler to synthesize a gate level design of the code. To accomplish this, I had to migrate all of my code to a school-run server that had the software installed. In my testing, I used Icarus Verilog to compile the design. However, to get a more accurate response of how the module behaves, Synopsys’ VCS compiler needed to be used. VCS is a much stricter compiler, and the same source code that gave me no warnings in Icarus Verilog gave me hundreds of errors in VCS. So most of this week was spent on trying to get the working source code to compile under VCS.


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